Three Qualities That All Project Managers Must Possess



The former executive director of Destiny Dredgers International, Ltd., Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru now serves Midwestern Oil and Gas Limited in Nigeria as a corporate finance analyst. An experienced project manager, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru has also earned the

practitioner certification, which helped her develop her skills.

Project managers must possess a number of key qualities to be successful in their roles, including the following.

1. Integrity in both words and actions demonstrates to the project team and all key stakeholders that the manager can be trusted. Project managers are clear and transparent in communications and the methods they use.

2. Project managers have excellent time management skills, which allows them to schedule both their own time and that of their teams. They can prioritize tasks and delegate appropriately.

3. Empathy is a key component in the makeup of a project manager. Not only does empathy allow project managers to relate to individuals in their teams, but it also helps them determine key motivators for each person that can be used to drive productivity.