Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru

About Edesiri Ibru

A petroleum engineer and executive, Edesiri Ibru graduated with a master of engineering from Imperial College London in 2001. As a student intern, the young professional was introduced to the upstream petroleum industry at Schlumberger’s Kemaman Supply Base in Malaysia. In her first professional position, Edesiri Ibru served as an upstream petroleum analyst for the United Kingdom and Northwest Europe at Deloitte & Touche Petroleum Services Group. Her responsibilities included data gathering and the development of economic models to describe current petroleum production and to forecast the future development of offshore oil fields.

Edesiri Ibru expanded her professional experience by entering the banking field, taking on responsibilities as the head of the International Banking Group at Oceanic Bank International Plc in Nigeria. In this position, she sought out banking opportunities throughout Central and West Africa. Ms. Ibru later assumed the title of head of the Project Management Office, through which she worked with consultants to set up and manage project teams and initiatives during a transformative period for the bank.

Currently the executive director and head of corporate services with Destiny Dredgers International Limited, Edesiri Ibru oversees much of the administration of the company and is deeply immersed in establishing a new corporate culture. Additionally, Edesiri Ibru has returned to Imperial College, from which she plans to graduate in 2013 with a master of science in metals and energy finance.


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